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Guestrooms, microwave
Guestrooms, microwave、massage chair, comic book area
Guestrooms, microwave
Reception, Lobby, convenience store, rest area, amenities area, computer area, coin-operated washing machine and dryer, restrooms


  • Reception, Lobby

    Reception, Lobby

    The Reception and Lobby, with its large, high atrium, boasts a refined, marble-like appearance with a profound air of openness.
    Reception services are available 24 hours a day. In addition to check-in and check-out, please ask our reception staff for any assistance you may need with luggage, taxis, and more.

  • Poplar Hotel Oaks Morinomiya Store

    PoplarHotel Oaks Morinomiya Store

    In addition to food and drinks, Poplar offers magazines, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, stationery, daily necessities, photocopying, faxing, bank ATMs, and courier services to give you the support for whatever you may need, from early morning until late at night.Hours: 5:00-1:00 the following day (closed 1:00-5:00)

  • Rest Space

    Rest Space

    A rest space where you can enjoy a meal or a drink.Please feel free to eat breakfast in this space with your travel mates.


  • Coin-Operated Washing Machines & Dyers

    Coin-Operated Washing Machines & Dyers

    Washing Machine: ¥300 per load (1 machine; laundry detergent is automatically added)
    Dryer: ¥100 yen per 30 minutes (1 machine)

    Please feel free to do your laundry here during long stays with us.
    *Please refrain from doing laundry when the Rest Area is crowded during the daytime or late at night.
    *There is also a laundromat just a one-minute walk from the hotel.

  • Computer Area

    Computer Area

    There is a computer in the Lobby that guests can use freely.Guests may use it to access the internet as well as to create and print documents.Please feel free to use it for quickly gathering a bit of information as well.

  • Parking


    A paid parking lot that can accommodate 8 vehicles (total length up to approx. 5.1m) is available. (Outdoor parking; no restrictions on height)Advance reservation is required for parking, so please call us at 06-6978-5141 to make a reservation. Parking Fee: ¥1,100 per night (includes tax)As reservations are accepted in the order they are received, we may not be able to meet your request. There are several coin-operated parking lots in the vicinity of the hotel. Reception staff can provide you with information on their locations.(These parking lots are not affiliated with this hotel.)

  • Amenities Area

    Amenities Area

    This area is where additional amenities can be found.
    Disposable slippers, bath sponge, shower cap, hair tie, cotton pads & swabs, disinfectant gel, memory foam pillow, etc.(Basic items such as towels and toothbrushes are available in the guestrooms.)

  • Items Available for Use

    Items Available for Use

    These items are available at the Reception.Trouser press, desk lamp, iron, electric fan, humidifier, air purifier, blanket, electric blanket, etc.(Quantities of each item are limited.)

  • Bicycle Rental

    Bicycle Rental

    Bicycles can be rented to get around the area.They are available for rental free of charge.Please ride with care.

  • Massage Chair Comic Book Area

    Massage Chair
    Comic Book Area

    A massage chair is available for use free of charge on the 4th floor.There is also a bookshelf stocked with comic books that you can read in your room.

  • Microwave


    A microwave is installed on every floor.Please feel free to use it for heating up your meals.

  • Wi-Fi


    Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the building.The password is available in the guestrooms.(Wired LAN connections are not available)


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